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Legal Notice


Pursuant to Spanish Law 34/2002, of 11 July, on Services of the Information Society and e-Commerce, the User is hereby informed that the owner of this website at (hereinafter, the “Website”) is EDRYX HEALTHCARE, S.L. (hereinafter, “EDRYX”), the details of which are as follows:

Registered address: Calle dels Arbres nº1, 4ª planta, 08912 Badalona (Barcelona)


The User may submit queries via our Contact Us section or by sending an e-mail to

Register details: Edryx Healthcare, S.L., RMB. Volume 46,712, Folio 48, Sheet B-528,491, Spanish Tax Code (NIF) B-67357632

  1. Access to and Operation of the Website

The Legal Notice governs the access to and use of the Website by Users, and seeks to enable participation by Users for the purpose of consulting the services offered by EDRYX. Access is open to the general public, with no restrictions whatsoever.

  1. Use of the Website

The User undertakes to make proper use of the Website content in accordance with the following obligations:

  1. To provide truthful and accurate information about the data requested in the various forms whenever making use of the Website and to keep said data up-to-date;
  2. To refrain from engaging in unlawful or illegal activities, or activities contrary to good faith and public order;
  • To refrain from spreading content or propaganda of a racist, xenophobic or discriminatory nature on grounds of race, gender, ideology or religion, or content that in any way breaches morality, public order, fundamental rights, public liberties, the honour, privacy or image of third parties or, in general, current legislation;
  1. To refrain from causing damage to the physical and logical systems of the Website, the suppliers of EDRYX or third parties, or introducing or spreading on the network computer viruses or any other physical or logical systems capable of causing the aforementioned damages;
  2. To refrain from using the Website content or information obtained via the website to send advertising or messages for any other commercial purpose, or to collect or store the personal data of third parties;
  3. To refrain from attempting to gain access to and, where appropriate, using the e-mail accounts of other users and modifying or manipulating their messages.

EDRYX reserves the right to make any changes deemed necessary to its Website without prior notice, including the amendment, deletion or addition of both content and services provided via the Website and in the manner in which the same are presented or organised on the Website. We therefore recommend that the User regularly reviews this Legal Notice and all other information on the Website.

  1. Liabilities

a) Liability stemming from use of the Website: The User is solely liable for any offences they may commit and any damages they may cause by using the Website, and EDRYX is exempt from any liability that may stem from the actions taken by the user.

EDRYX will make every reasonable effort and allocate all reasonable resources to providing up-to-date and reliable information on the Website. Nonetheless, EDRYX makes no guarantee whatsoever regarding the lack of mistakes or possible inaccuracies and/or omissions in any of the content accessible via this Website.

The user is solely liable for any grievance or legal action brought, through judicial or extra-judicial proceedings, by third parties against EDRYX regarding use of the Website by the user. As the case may be, the user will assume all expenses, costs and compensation that EDRYX may be required to pay out as a result of such complaints or legal action.

b) Liability for operation of the Website: EDRYX excludes all liability that may stem from interference, omission, interruption, computer virus, telephony fault or discontinuity in the operational nature of the electronic system.

Furthermore, it also excludes all liability that may stem from delays or freezes in the operational nature of this electronic system caused by shortcomings or overloads on telephone lines or the Internet, as well as damages caused by third parties through illegal trespass beyond the control of EDRYX. EDRYX may, temporarily and without prior notice, suspend accessibility to the Website for operational reasons related to maintenance, repair, updates or improvement.

c) Liability for content: Except under those circumstances where it is required to do so by law, EDRYX accepts no liability for any damages that may be incurred through the use, reproduction, distribution or public communication or any kind of activity undertaken on the texts and/or photographs protected by intellectual property rights held by third parties when the user has not previously obtained the necessary prior authorisation from the owners thereof for the activity being undertaken or intended to be undertaken.

Furthermore, EDRYX accepts no liability for the information sent by the user when it has no effective knowledge that the information stored is unlawful or that it harms the assets or rights of a third party with entitlement to compensation. As soon as EDRYX becomes effectively aware that it is storing data of the aforementioned nature, it undertakes to make prompt efforts to remove or prevent access to the same.

At any event, any complaint related to the content included in any section of this Website can be made by contacting EDRYX via the contact addresses indicated on this Website.

  1. Links to Third Parties

a) Linking websites: Those third parties with the intention to include a link to this Website on their own website must comply with current legislation and may not house inappropriate and/or unlawful content. Under no circumstances does EDRYX accept any liability whatsoever for the content of third-party websites, nor does it promote, guarantee, monitor or recommend the content thereof. In the event that the linking website fails to comply with any of the above, it will be required to remove the link immediately.

b) Linked website: This Website may include links to third-party websites that the User may access. However, EDRYX accepts no liability whatsoever for the content of said linked websites but rather the User will be responsible for accepting and checking such access on each occasion. This Legal Notice solely refers to this Website and content from EDRYX, and does not apply to the links or websites of third parties accessible via the Website.

Such links or mentions have a purpose that implies no kind of support, approval, commercialisation or relationship whatsoever between EDRYX and the persons or entities owning the sites where they can be found.

  1. Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights over the Content

Unless indicated otherwise, all content on the Website is exclusively owned by EDRYX, including but not limited to the graphic design, source code, logos, texts, graphics, illustrations, photographs and other elements appearing on the Website. Similarly, all the trading names, trademarks or hallmarks of any nature contained on the Website are protected by law.

EDRYX grants no licence or authorisation for personal use whatsoever to the user regarding its intellectual and industrial property rights or any other right related to its Website and the services offered therein.

Hence, the User recognises that the reproduction, distribution, commercialisation, transformation, and, in general, any other form of use of all or part of this Website constitutes a breach of intellectual and/or industrial property rights held by EDRYX or the holder thereof.

  1. Advertising

The Website may contain advertising or sponsored content. The advertisers or sponsors are solely responsible for ensuring that the material provided for inclusion on the Website meets the laws that may be applicable in each case.

EDRYX accepts no liability for any mistake, inaccuracy or irregularity that may be included in the advertising content from sponsors. At any event, any complaint related to the advertising content inserted on this Website can be made by contacting EDRYX via the channels indicated above.

  1. Personal Data Processing

See the Privacy Policy to learn how EDRYX will process the personal data it collects via this Website. We ask that you read this legal text carefully before providing your personal data to us.

  1. Applicable Legislation

The Legal Notice will be governed by and interpreted under the legislation of Spain.

All disputes resulting from access to the Website will be resolved by the courts and tribunals corresponding to the domicile of the User.

EDRYX will prosecute any failure to comply with this Legal Notice, as well as any improper use of the Website, by taking all civil and criminal action to which it may be legally entitled.

  1. Contact Us

If you have any questions or queries related to this Legal Notice, you may contact us by sending an e-mail to