We improve the quality of healthcare with high added value projects

Artificial Intelligence has the potential to transform the health sector and healthcare radically

At Edryx Healthcare we take advantage of the latest technologies to improve the efficiency of the health system, boost its digitalization, and improve its accessibility.

Our services focus on

Artificial Intelligence applied to health

The application of Artificial Intelligence allows the early detection of different illnesses and pathophysiological abnormalities, and improves the efficiency of the health sector. How do we do it?

Patient detection and telemedicine

Chatbots speed the treatment process in early stages of a disease and facilitate the medical consultation process, while telemedicine can help the screening of patients and allows distance checkups with the best professionals. Assistance and clinical follow-up is now fully adapted to the needs of each patient, wherever and whenever they are needed.

Process engineering and activity flows

We apply advanced AI algorithms aimed at increasing the efficiency and security of the health facilities. Through the analysis of processes and patient flows, we can detect inefficiencies and propose improvements to increase the quality that each patient perceives and receives.

New teaching methods

At Edryx Healthcare we create immersive platforms based on Artificial Intelligence through which we help health professionals reach excellency in their specialty, optimizing both their learning and concept assimilation.

If you want different results, you have to try different approaches.

Albert Einstein

If you want different results, you have to try different approaches.

Albert Einstein

Our services focus on

Healthcare Humanization

To guarantee a transition towards an integral and holistic healthcare, we must provide the necessary tools to humanize the doctor-patient relationship. How do we make it happen?

Certification of hospital services

At Edryx Healthcare, we implement strategy plans that allow health facilities to offer a closer and more humane attention to patients through assessment, consultancy, and education.

Reports and technical documentation

We collaborate with foundations, scientific associations and patient organizations to help health administrations promote plans and projects aimed at offering an improved attention to patients.

Communicational skills and emotional management

In order to promote better communication between the health team and each patient, we provide access to tools and courses on communication skills.

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